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  Oct 29, 2018 - Updated this page

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  Oct 29, 2018  


Want To Plan A Ride For Next Summer


    Looking to go for a nice relaxing ride next summer - but don't necessarily want to ride down to the U.S.?

   Well, I might have just the thing for you. I've put together a little 2-page write-up focused on riding east from Thunder Bay and exploring some of the great roads and attractions around Wawa, Sault Ste. Marie, Thessalon and Elliot Lake. That part of the province is easy to ride to, there are miles of good roads, lots of good motels, lots of great restaurants, and lots of road-side attractions to see. An easy three or four day ride will let you do plenty of exploring.

    If you click on the map here then my write-up should pop up as a pdf file that you can either read on-line, save to your computer, or print.

     Oh, and just another note: I've recently upgraded my computer from a 15 year old computer running Windows XP to a fancy new desktop running Windows 10 and their new Office programs..... so if I start crashing the websites you'll know why. It's just me and my new learning curve!


   Sept 5, 2018  


My Summer Vacation

    Hey Everyone... It's about time that I do an update to this website don't you think.

   Unfortunately not much is going on for me as far as motorcycling goes, but Ellen and I did manage to get out on a road trip this summer... only in the car and not on the bike.

   In July we headed east to Cornwall, Ont. to visit family & friends and attend a wedding. After a few days there we headed further east to visit our friends and adopted grand children in the Annapolis Valley in Nova Scotia. Had a great visit with them, touristed around for a few days, and then headed further east to Cape Breton Island and drove the Cabot Trail.

   We saw plenty of motorcycles on the road while we were out east and for the most part the weather was pretty good. However - it was hot. There was lots of sunshine and daily temperatures were generally between 30 and 40C. Did I mention that it was stinking hot.

   After Cape Breton Island we took the ferry from Pictou, NS to Wood Islands, PEI and toured the island for a couple of days. We had fun on PEI checking out all of the potato fields, touristing around, eating lots of seafood and searching out a whole bunch of lighthouses. We also visited the Cavendish area and found Anne of Green Gables. PEI is a really amazing place and it was fun to explore. We also met some really nice people there.

   After leaving PEI via the Confederation Bridge we headed back towards dear old Thunder Bay. On our way through New Brunswick we took a slight detour to the quaint little town of Hartland and drove across the longest covered bridge in the world. Originally built in 1901 it has a span of 391 meters (1282 ft.) across the St. John River. The bridge is now a national historic site.

   We stopped again on our way back through Cornwall and finished off our trip with a visit to the Prehistoric World park in Morrisburg, Ont. This dinosaur park has been a work in progress for over 35 years and is magnificent. The park has over 50 life-size and life-like animals that span several prehistoric eras. It is definitely a must see.


    Mar 14, 2018  


Stephen Hawking has passed away.


    The world renowned visionary physicist Stephen Hawking has died at the age of 76. He passed away peacefully at his home in Cambridge in the early hours of Wednesday morning, his family said.

    Hawking was a true genius of our time and was famed for his insightful work with black holes and spacetime relativity that helped shape modern cosmology. He was a great scientist and wrote several popular science books including A Brief History of Time.

    Hawking was a brilliant man who never lost his sense of humor even while battling debilitating illness for over fifty years. He truly will be missed.


    Feb  5, 2018    

Your Mission - should you choose to accept it - is to

Ride Canada in 2018 !!


   Canada is a vast and beautiful country with loads of great riding roads and things to see. The variety is endless from the Rocky Mountains and Pacific Ocean in the west to the wide central plains to the magnificent Eastern Maritimes and Atlantic Ocean. Our country is boundless!

   Do your heart and soul a favor this year and discover a piece of Canada for yourself!


    Oct 27, 2017  


Once again it seems that winter has snuck up on us ...


    It's been an awfully short riding season for me this year, having only gotten the bike back on the road in the middle of September. But I managed to get a few rides in and thoroughly enjoyed being back out on the road.

   But those days are pretty much over for now, at least here in Thunder Bay as we got about 2 or 3 inches of snow last night and the weather people are calling for flurries for the next week or so with temperatures hovering around 0 F.

  In case you're wondering about the cat picture - no, they're not all mine, or my sisters (although she would almost qualify as a "CCL", but don't tell her I said that). This was taken on one of Japan's Cat Islands.... Google it if you like cats!

   Anyway, that's all for me for now. I'll keep myself busy clearing snow and feeding birds.


   Sept 16, 2017  


I know you're not going to believe this...


    It's taken a long time, but I finally got all of my work projects to the point that I could get the bike out for a run!

   In fact I actually got out for two rides last week. Over the past couple of years there has been tons of stuff to get sorted out around our place, lots of repairs and painting and re-roofing sheds and fixing leaks and just general upkeep that somehow got missed over the years. This past July we drove to southern Ontario for some family visiting, and for the entire month of August I was gutting and remodeling our bathroom. It was a huge dirty job but it is done now and the new bathroom looks amazing!

    Getting the bike back on the road took a bit of work as it had been sitting for nearly two years. But with some oiling and greasing, a new battery, and a tank of fresh gas it is running great. So, needless to say, I'd still like to get out for a few more rides before the cold weather shows up here in northwestern Ontario. Hopefully I will see you out on the road!


  May 23, 2017  


Hey Everybody !


    Are you looking to buy some motorcycle parts and supplies and gear but are tired of paying shipping and duties on purchases from the states? There are Canadian suppliers that can ship your motorcycle accessories straight to your door.

    One of them is FortNine. They used to be known as "Canada's Motorcycle" but are now known as FortNine and are based out of Calgary and Montreal. They are an online store that can supply you with an extensive selection of motorcycle gear and accessories.

    You can check them out at:   www.fortnine.ca


   June 6, 2016  


Hey Everybody !


    You might have noticed that I haven't been out and about for a while now. In fact the bike is still in the shed under wraps.

    There has been a lot going on around our place and I just haven't had the time to get the bike on the road and blow the winter dust off of it. That's not to say that I won't be getting it out this summer, I certainly hope to one of these days.

    But I still follow what's going on around town even though I can't get out to see everyone. I'm also hoping that we start getting some warm, sunny days around Thunder Bay... We've certainly had plenty of rain to hold us for a while now. It can warm up any day now!

    So those of you that are managing to get out riding have fun and Ride Safe!


  March 25, 2016  


Here Is a Cool New Gizmo For You !


    Hey Biker Friends: Are you still riding a chain-driven motorcycle? There's nothing wrong with that, chain final drives are extremely efficient at transferring power to your rear wheel.

   However, cleaning, adjusting and maintaining a chain drive can be a dirty and frustrating chore. Lucky for you there is a new gizmo on the market now to take all of the guess-work out of adjusting your chains' tension. The Chain Monkey, shown here, clamps onto your chain and will give you the correct chain tension first time and every time! Simple and effective and retailing at around $35 or $40 dollars it appears to be well worth the price.

   You can check it out on:  http://www.gizmag.com   and see if it will work for you.


   March 4, 2016  


Hey Everybody, They Say That Spring is Coming !


    Hey Folks, if you follow this site at all then you will have noticed that it was down for a few days. APPARENTLY I forgot to renew my domain name with my web hosting folks... So they cut it off. That'll teach me! Anyway, it's all paid up now and the site is working as well as it always has. I haven't been spending much time keeping it up-to-date, apparently being retired doesn't mean that you have lots of time to play on the internet - go figure...

    Anyway, Ellen and I are still having lots of fun with our Postcrossing. The picture here of The Mother Road is one of the postcards that I received just last week from a young girl in Auckland, New Zealand! She had visited Arizona two years ago and actually got to travel on part of the old Route 66. How cool is that. As of today I've received postcards from 51 countries around the world and every one of them is amazing. This is a great hobby!


 October 21, 2015  


It's That Time of Year

Unfortunately !


    Well, the bike is now officially put away for the year. Once again I really didn't get the amount of riding in that I would have liked . . . but then again do we ever???

    One thing that we can start looking forward to though this winter would be the upcoming motorcycle shows. They're always a great time to look at and sit on the new bikes and daydream about those warm summer days out on the road.

    Here is a short list of upcoming shows that are reachable from Thunder Bay:

   1) January 8, 9, 10, 2016 - Motorcycle Supershow - Toronto

   2) February 5, 6, 7, 2016 - Progressive International Motorcycle Show - Minneapolis

   3) February 19, 20, 21, 2016 - The Motorcycle Show - Toronto

   4) April 9, 10, 2016 - Motorcycle Spring Show - Toronto

    Lets hope that we can make it to at least one of these shows!


  October 11, 2015  


Happy Thanksgiving

Everyone !


    Thanksgiving weekend is here and I hope you have plans to share some turkey and pumpkin pie with your family and friends!

    But Thanksgiving also means that Fall is here and it's time to start thinking about winterizing the motorcycle and putting it away for the winter. At least for those of us up in these northern climes.

    This is a sad time of year for riders as we hate having to bundle the bikes up and put them away for a five or six month sleep. It's rewarding though in knowing that the work that we put into them now (with the cleaning, fluid changes, cable checks, battery charging, etc.) will pay off in the Spring when the bikes are ready to roll on that first warm afternoon! As soon as the snow and ice have gone of course...

     So get out the cleaning cloths and spend some quality time with your motorcycle. Bikes are a big investment in both time and money but they pay dividends in spades when you're out riding the open road on a warm and sunny day!!!


   September 1, 2015  


Another Milestone Has Been Reached !


    I was out riding around a couple of weeks ago and managed to get a photo of my odometer as it rolled 200,000 kilometers.

   That's a lot of mileage for a motorcycle but the old beast is still running strong. Every time that I go out for a ride I'm amazed at just how nice it runs. Who knows - it might be good for another 200,000. I look at all of the new bikes that are on the market and that come out every year with new designs and new technology and yes it would be great to have one, but I REALLY like this old beast and I know that I'd miss it if I ever traded up.

     AND it's just so darned gorgeous!!! How could anyone sell a bike that pretty!


   August 21, 2015  


Has Fall Already Arrived in Northwestern Ontario?


    It's been said that if you don't like the weather in northwestern Ontario - just wait an hour, it'll change.

  That's pretty much the case around here. Last week we had three or four days of 30+ C weather. Hot, humid and the occasional thunder storm. Everyone was thinking about rushing out and buying an air conditioner.

    Quite the contrast to this morning when I woke up and it was +2 degrees C and our furnace was kicking on.... That's just not right!

    The good thing is that it is supposed to be sunny and +24C this afternoon, which should be a perfect afternoon to go for a ride! And that's just what I'm hoping to do.


  August 4, 2015  


Local Riding News


    I haven't been out to do much local riding this "summer", as it's been really windy and stormy. Mind you we've had a few hot days, but a lot more overcast and rainy days around here. But unlike Manitoba, southern Ontario and the central U.S. we've had no tornados! And that's a good thing.

   I actually did manage to get out with a couple of friends last week for a ride down to Grand Marais and up the Gunflint Trail. It was windy, overcast and cool (actually darned cold along Lake Superior) all day, but we had a great day. We stopped at the Java Moose on the way down (just because we always do) but there were about fifty tourists there so we climbed back on the bikes and headed up the Gunflint to the Trail Centre Lodge for lunch.

   The Trail Center Lodge is a great destination. The road up there is fun to ride, the food is great, the staff at the restaurant are always glad to see you and it just makes for a great outing. If you've never been there you really must try it.


  July 16, 2015  


Attack Of The Killer Jackalopes!


    It's been a while but I finally managed to get out on a road trip! I went on a ride down to the Black Hills in South Dakota with six guys, some from Thunder Bay and some from southern Ontario.

   We had a great time and managed to ride all over the Black Hills area. Of course we had to stop in Wall Drug to ride the world's largest Jackalope! How often do you get a chance to do that? We stopped by Sturgis to see how the preparation was going for this years' 75th Anniversary Rally and everyone there is busy getting things set up. We managed to get our obligatory t-shirt, have lunch, and get out of town before all of the craziness starts.

     I've put together a short write-up of our adventures in the Black Hills and you can read all about it here.

      Enjoy!                                                              RW

  June 29, 2015  


I Have Accomplished Something This Spring


    Just in case you were thinking that I've just been sitting around feeding the birds this year I just wanted to let you know that I have managed to get a bit of work done around our place.

   I've only been thinking about extending our back deck for about twenty years or so.... Well, I finally got around to doing it. It wasn't a huge extension but its made a huge difference for us to be able to sit out and get some sun and fresh air. I guess I should have done this years ago...


 April 16, 2015  


The Weather Finally Warmed Up Enough To Get The Big Bike Out!


   We've actually had two or three really nice days this week so we've seen lots of bikes out on the roads.

  I spent the day on Monday cleaning about 20 years of crap out of my motorcycle shed and making two runs to the dump to get rid of the big pile of junk. I was pretty brutal about throwing junk out so now I have LOTS more room in the shed. It's nice to actually have room to move around and work in there. There is even enough room that I could put a hanging bracket up for my new bicycle to keep it out of the weather.

  But to get to the first ride of the year - it was glorious . . . as always! I am totally amazed every year as to how well the bike runs after sitting in the shed all winter, and I'm equally amazed at how great it feels to be out on the road again with the wind in my face. It's almost like the six months of hibernation never happened . . .

   So get those bikes out and get them polished up! Lets hope for a great summer of riding fun.


  February 27, 2015    


It Looks Like I'm Moving Closer To The

Dark Side!


   I kind of always thought that it would be a frosty day down below before I would buy a GPS. Well, something must be going down there (or maybe it's the weather here in Thunder Bay) because I finally broke down and bought myself a Tomtom 55M. After seeing how well Leo's performed when we were down in Minneapolis recently I thought that I'd like to try one out.

   They've certainly improved immensely in the last few years, with improved software and better maps. Now most of them come with what they call "Lifetime Map Updates" which really means that they will update the maps four times a year - for free - until the company stops supporting that particular model. That's still a pretty good deal.

   The software in them isn't quite up to 'Idiot Proof' status that I would prefer, but it is fairly intuitive and it doesn't take too long to try and figure out how to program in an address that you'd like to get to. I'd still like to be able to browse their 'Points of Interest' and be able to click on one and have the unit calculate the route. Oh well, we can't have everything.

   So if you see me this summer riding around like I'm lost don't worry too much - I'm just following my GPS unit. How lost can a person really get??? I guess I'll find out!


February 9, 2015  


The 2015 Progressive International Motorcycle Show was a hit!


   We managed to make it down to Minneapolis on February 6th to catch this years show. And it was a good one.

   We got to see all of the latest models of street bikes, dirt bikes, sport bikes, cruisers, scooters, etc. And there were lots of vendors with all of the gear and accessories that you could imagine. Our friends from the Minnesota Gold Wing Road Riders Association were there again this year and I got to say a quick Hello to them as well.

  I was happy to see my favorite t-shirt guy there this year. Steve and I had a good chat catching up on what's been going on for the past couple of years. And of course I had to pick up a couple of new shirts to go into my collection. The picture above is just a teaser of the shirts that he sells. Steve and his partner Ronnie have some of the best t-shirts around. You'll have to make a point of meeting up with them at the show next year.

   Didn't manage to pick out the one new bike that I need, but if we had managed to win the $380 million Powerball draw on Saturday we would have come home with a trailer full of new bikes!!!


January 7, 2015  


Craters of the Moon

National Monument and Preserve


   Around this mighty planet of ours there are literally millions of places that deserve to be visited and seen by our own eyes. Craters of the Moon Preserve in central Idaho is one of them.

   The Craters of the Moon landscape was formed during eight major eruptive periods between 15,000 and 2000 years ago. Lava erupting from what is called the Great Rift, a series of deep cracks that start near the visitor centre and stretch for 52 miles (84 km.) to the southeast, poured out over the landscape in successive eruptions and the lava field grew to cover 618 square miles (1600 square km.).

   The area now appears as a vast ocean of lava flows with scattered islands of cinder cones and sagebrush and appears stable, however looks can be deceiving. Scientists say that the recurrence interval for eruptions in this area averages about 2000 years - and it has been just over 2000 years since the last eruption. I'm hoping to get there this summer and check it out before the lava begins flowing again!


December 21, 2014  


Looking for a great pair of riding gloves?


   A good pair of gloves is an essential part of all riders safety gear. Sometimes though in the heat of summer one needs to find a pair of gloves that won't bake your hands but will still protect you.

  That's where these Airstream II gloves will come in handy. Made by Held (heldusa.com), makers of some of the finest biking gloves in the world, these gloves will protect your paws with hard-plastic knuckles, Kevlar fabric and perforated kangaroo leather construction. The secret to these gloves is that beneath all of that protection is a phase-changing Coolmax lining that wicks heat and perspiration away from your skin and, most significantly, mesh vent panels between the fingers. This allows you to just spread your fingers and get a blast of air through the webbing right into your palm. On a hot humid day that would be heavenly.

  Priced at around $150.00 US I might just pick up a pair of these for myself for next summer's riding season. That's a reasonable price to pay for quality and safety and comfort!


July 1, 2014  


Looking To Go For A Ride?


   (and a quick note here: I've updated this map quite a bit in the last year or so (2018) and will hopefully get the new one posted here....)

    Here is a map that I put together a few years ago showing most of the paved roads around Thunder Bay. Granted it's not the best map in the world, but hopefully it will give you some ideas about where you'd like to go riding.

   Thunder Bay has some great roads to get out on on a sunny afternoon. Oh, that's right, that's just us ROG's (Retired Old Geezers) that have the luxury of heading out on a sunny afternoon for a pleasant ride around in the country!

   You poor working folks are stuck with our ever-rainy weekends to try and get out for a ride... Sorry about that. Talk to the weather people to straighten that out.


June 15, 2014  


Controlling Motorcycle Road Rage!


   As a motorcyclist you don't have to spend too much time on your bike to witness some extremely stupid behavior by vehicle drivers, and sometimes other motorcyclists.

   Mark DT, over at Farkle My Ride, has some interesting observations and good suggestions as to how to keep your cool when it seems that you are drowning in a sea of stupidity.


   As Mark suggests, to stay safe as motorcyclists we definitely need to keep our cool and our sense of humor!


June 9, 2014  


A Little More About Postcrossing!


   I mentioned earlier that Ellen and I joined an online website called Postcrossing. Well, we're having an absolute hoot with sending and receiving actual postcards to and from all over the world.

  So far we've received postcards from Russia, Germany, France, Netherlands, Finland, Latvia, Ukraine, the U.S.A., plus China and Taiwan. Each one of them is unique and interesting, as are the postage stamps that are on them. This hobby would be a stamp collectors dream.

  It certainly is an interesting way to connect with people from around the world.


May 7, 2014  


Have I Told You About Our Latest Hobby?


   Well, Ellen and I have started postcarding. We've recently joined an online site called Postcrossing (www.postcrossing.com) and you get to send and receive actual hand-written postcards from a random member of the group that could live anywhere around the world. There are almost 1/2 a million members on the site that represent 216 countries. The picture to the right of a cute cat is the first postcard that I received just the other day from a lady named Ina who is a member that lives in the Netherlands.

  We find it interesting, the goal of the site is to allow people to receive postcards from all over the world. The main idea is that if you send a postcard to a random member then you get a postcard back from a different random member.

  Why you ask? Well, for one thing there are still lots of people in the world that like to receive an actual, physical, piece of mail (as opposed to an electronic burst of data fired into their computer Inbox).

  Another reason is that it is a fun and interesting way to reach out and connect with a random person that could be living anywhere in the world. It makes you excited to go to the mailbox every day in anticipation of receiving a little snapshot of someone's life somewhere around the world.

  Another thing that Postcrossing does is make a person realize that people all around the globe are not that much different from you and me: we all live our lives with dreams and aspirations, and likes and dislikes, no matter our culture and lifestyle differences. It sort of gives one hope that the entire human race is not imminently crumbling into a bottomless abyss.

  Check it out!


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February 15, 2012

   In keeping to the theme that you may find just about anything in here. . . Our friend Mel from Texas sent this link to a YouTube video of a Norton Commando having a bad day. Turn your speakers on and check it out, it is really well done.


Enjoy!                                                                            RW

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